Sex education in the Czech Republic and VORP

One-two years ago, there were a lot of discussions about sex education (on elementary school – I mean when children are 6-15 years old).

In Czech Republic, sex education is very different on elementary schools. For example when I was on elementary school and we had sexual education (maybe five years ago), our teacher just tell us information about a few sexually transmitted diseases (like HIV) and how to prevent them. But some elementary schools take this education more deeply (e. g. 13-15 years old children learn how to use condom) and some schools don’t have sex education at all.

Because of this situation, The Ministry of Education issued the guide for teachers, how to teach sex education. There are information how to speak with children about specific topic and in which grade to tell them about that. Some of topics are sexual minorities, sexually transmitted diseases, deviations, contraception, reproductive systems… I read some parts of this guide and I think it is good, but there is stuff I don’t like – e. g. game “Compote”. It is a game, where children switch their seats if they “masturbated yet” “have pubic hair”… I am open person, but if I was 14 year old again, I know I wouldn’t like to share these information with my classmates. :X I think it can causes kind of bullying, too.

Well, this guide -¬†and the whole thing with sex education – caused uproar in the Czech Republic. There were angry parents who didn’t agree with this open type of education – and that’s the reason why VORP organization was founded. It is shortcut for “Committee for the Protection of Parental Rights.” First time I thought that VORP is just association of parents who don’t like things like using condom (on deodorant! :D) in class, or they don’t like games like Compote and they just want to decide if their child can do this things in class.

But then I saw some talk shows and read some interviews with the main protagonists (like Jana Trlicova Jochova) of this organization and I was like – WTF? I found that according to VORP, Ministry of Education completely deleted that guide for teachers, in elementary schools dissapeared “inappropriate” images from some texbooks about sex education… And people from VORP just don’t want their children to know anything about “sex stuff” (like sexual minoroties, deviations, diseases…)

Jana Trlicova-JochovaFirst time I saw Jana Trlicova Jochova (vice-chairman of VORP) in Hyde park (kind of discussion show) and I couldn’t believe what she said. According to her, children shouldn’t know – for example – about sexually transmitted diseases, because “if people live the right way of life, if they have a true lasting relationship, they don’t need to know all that information.” She thinks that children shouldn’t know about contraception, because “if children know how to use condom, they take one and they try it with someone.” Moderator replied, “But if a child is uninformed about contraception and he/she has an unprotected sex, what to do?” and she just said “So it happens, it’s nothing to do…”
The most funny moment was when they talked about masturbation. Jana Trlicova Jochova said: “I think that children from large families can’t get to the masturbation, they have plenty of other ideas what to do…” “I don’t consider masturbation as a good activity, in the sense that it seems to me like useless … I don’t know, I don’t want to express…” And I thought that masturbation is a natural human need! What an uninformed jerk I am. :(
In other show she expressed displeasure for homosexuals etc.

On the internet I found that she (and other people from VORP) is a member of Catholic Church (and some things written on the VORP webpage seems like that.) Actually I don’t care about denomination of other people, but these views are fanatical and possibly dangerous for children, if sex education would be according to VORP.

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